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guldensupp's Journal
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Monday, January 27th, 2014

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Two Score Years Ago...

...Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson brought forth a new way to play make-believe.  It was called Dungeons and Dragons!

Jon Peterson says that the best guess for the release of Dungeon and Dragons is late January and the last Sunday in January 2014 is the day we can celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of D&D.  So, I did.  I celebrated the same way I do approximately every 2 weeks; I invited family and friends into my home to play D&D.  My Saturday group (Tasque Elzeny) consists of Christina (my wife), Spencer (my brother-in-law) and Clint (Spencer's eldest child).  We are playing DnD Next.  My Sunday group (E3 Trading Company) holds my wife, Christina, and friends: James, Hil, and Matt; we are near the end of my Big 4E campaign: Giants in the Earth!  And now, I present to you my view of D&D:


Tasque Elzeny


E3 Trading Company

Yes, I still use my 1st Edition DM Screens.

I encountered out a few other people's experiences with D&D.  Feel free to check out what Monte Cook, Mary Hamilton, Kobold Press, and RPG Geek have to say on the subject.  Like many people on the net, I, too, have gained great friendships through D&D.  I got to introduce friends to D&D.  My first days in D&D were, of course, among friends.  Without friends and players, I could not run a game, but that is not the best thing I get out of D&D.

I get to create.  I get to build.  I get to be every non PC in the multiverse.  I get to share in an interactive story crafted between my players and me.  I get to mess with maps.  I get to drop challenges into my games and watch amazing people completely bypass them by thinking of things of which I never conceived.  I get to play with languages.  I get to have fun.

Thank you, each and everyone on my players, past, present, and future.

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Maps! Maps! and More Maps!
To any who still read this blog, lets post a copy of the map, for one or more of your games, of which you are most proud.  For me it is the Age of Wyrms version of Moytonia, the main continent on my game world Rilmorn.

Credit must be given, where credit is due.  Thom Thetford took the hideously awful maps that I drew, when I first began gaming, and fitted them into a wonderful continent map.  Thom drew it, first, on butcher paper, then later copied it onto 12 sheets of engineering paper.  I made photocopies of those "Originals," cut off the extraneous edges, and taped them together to make my copy of Moytonia.  I used it for years.  I made a newer one, after I moved from Mississippi to Atlanta.  Years later, I scanned the Originals and  marked up photocopies of the Originals and using GIMP, I crafted the map I share with you today.

Moytonia Age of Wyrms

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