guldensupp (guldensupp) wrote,

Time Travel

I've long been intrigued by time travel.  Loved the George Pal movie.  Loved the made-for-TV movie in the '70s.  Loved the remake in 2002.  Searching IMDB, I discovered some versions of the Time Machine of which I never heard. Time After Time with Malcolm McDowell and David Warner is a perennial favorite.  I even hold a soft spot for Somewhere in Time.  Add the time-travel episodes of Star Trek, Farscape, and other episodic TV, I've seen a lot of good and bad time travel and I still love it. Doctor Who ROCKS!

Time Travel has found its way into my gaming and I describe it in detail in this post.

Below are some images that relate to my WordPress post on Time Travel.

Castle Timeless 1-Original Notes Dragon_65_Time_Lord_large             41 Insights42 Time
Tags: bill gressett, castle timeless, doctor who, farsacpe, star trek, time machine, time travel
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