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Robert Hegwood and Rilmorn

At the University of Southren Mississippi, I met a Robert Hegwood.  Robert was a good guy and very smart and well read on many subjects.  He joined my D&D game and played a psionicist named Brother Gellicost.  One day, Robert presented me with a red folder; handwritten on the front was " A NOT BRIEF ENOUGH OVERVIEW OF XSHATHRAPAT, THE ISLAND Empire of the West."   Inside was a 30+ page document describing the culture and history of Xshathrapat and its invasion of another unknown continent on Rilmorn.  I didn't do anything with it for over 30 years.  I am possessive of Rilmorn and if one my players creates in a manner antithetic to my asthetics, I get difficult.  Robert treaded the line and I didn't give his work real license in Rilmorn until I needed a campaign setting for a failed D&D game for my wife, my daughter, and her boyfriend.  After that, I began to work on a new continent (Iolta) and Robert's invasion history and storyline worked well into the background I wanted for this setting.  It has been thousands of years, since Xshathrapat and Allo-Dyskoria invaded Iolta, but there are still remnants of Xshathrapt o that continent.  Here are two examples of Robert's Work:

What do you think of his work?
Tags: rilmorn, robert hegwood, xshathrapat
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